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How to do business with us.  Its easy to get Props!


Prop Rentals are Easy! The general rule of thumb is:

1) Fill out a Rental Agreement and sign it

2) Provide a COI made out to RJR Props LLC

3) Pay by credit card, paypal, or terms (only for Feature Films & bonifide TV shows)

4) If the COI has a deductible, you may need to leave a deposit

Getting Prop Money: If you're getting prop money, order securly online. Click the top blue tab labeled "BUY PROP MONEY".  Easy!

Productions Getting Prop Money: If you're a Production, call us directly for a Qty Discount!  Call anytime Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm (404) 349-7600. If it's after hours, we will call you back usually the next business day!

Feature Film / TV:  If you're getting Props for Feature Film/TV, please visit our Atlanta facility just 8 minutes from downtown, or browse our website to pick your props.  Some people like to call us, or email a "wish list".  Please send it to: rjrelectronics@aol.com.  If you prefer, you can cut & paste photos of props to us.  Tell us the production name, how long you need them, and we will write up the rental. That's it!  Need Terms? For Feature Film & TV: Send us a Credit One app, and a COI.  That's it! Pick anything you need and we'll invoice you.  

For Indies, video or small films:  pick the props you need, and pay as you go!  Once you give us the list, we will fill out a rental agreement which you will need to sign, and we will need a copy of a valid driver's licence or ID.  You will need to give a deposit in case of loss, theft or damage.  If you have a COI insurance certificate, you won't need to leave a deposit. COI insurance certificates are issued to established companies from your insurance provider. If you are small indie or video, you will probably not have a COI and you will need to leave a deposit for prop rentals.

Guns:  If you are renting non-firing prop guns, you must fill out a liability form, you need to leave a deposit (or provide a COI). Most States require a filming permit. It keeps you safer. But always it's up to you to be responsible for following all applicable laws.